Memberships & Discounts


Adult Membership Options

We offer membership options to meet different needs. Many people are committed to training and opt for longer term 6 month minimum membership. Others who may not know their commitment level opt for a more flexible Month To Month  membership.. Prices depends on what options you choose and what discounts you take advantage of. We help you choose the best options after your FREE CLASS because Its most important  you enjoy the class, the facility, location etc. If price alone is your concern there are some schools who offer "a few classes a week" but none have as many  classes, EXPERIENCED instructors and a facility like Chicago Muay Thai. 

Kids / Family Membership Options

We offer monthly Kids memberships that rang from $79 to $129 per month depending on how many  times per week they train. We also offer family discounts that are situational depending how many kids and/or adults.

Student Police Fire Milary Discounts

We offer discounts for undergrad and active duty. This can be in addition to other disounts you qualify for. This is why we go over everything after your trial class.

What You Should Consider In The School You Choose

  1. If price is your major consideration, you should consider many schools dont offer the FULL schdeule you will find at Chicago Muay Thai. Why is this important? If a school only offers only a few classes per week it may be very difficult to attend classes. Chicago Muay Thai has 30 classes per week so we have plenty to choose from.
  2. Our Facility is the largest Muay Thai gym in the city with over 5,000 sqaure feet and a Full size regulation Boxing Ring. We also have locker rooms with showers and open air training for the summer months.
  3. Our Instructors are all experienced professionaly trained coaches who ALL have competative fighting experience. Many have trained or even competed in Thailand.