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Our Mission Statement


At Chicago Muay Thai Kickboxing Club our mission is…

 To develop and promote a friendly, welcoming, learning and inclusive, environment, where we grow as martial artists both as individuals and as a collective group, by demanding from each other, maximum effort, continuous improvement and a unifying team spirit.

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About Chicago Muay Thai Kickboxing Club Group Classes

We focus 100% on Muay Thai / Kickboxing. Our program is tailored to teach real Muay Thai techniques from TOTAL beginners to Pro with training that is second to none! If your goal is just fitness, self defense  or even competition, our program will get you there. Many of our seasoned instructors have trained in Thailand. All instructors have competitive fighting backgrounds. 90% of our students never trained before they started at Chicago Muay Thai. SEE VIDEO BELOW

Our Muay Thai / Kickboxing Classes (Video)

We offer 4 different class levels from first time beginners to Professional. As a beginner we recommend you start with our Fundmentals class . This will teach you the basics of Muay Thai while challenging you with conditioning. Beginners are also able to take the Muay Thai / Conditioning or ALL Levels Classes. We recommend establishing  fundamentals before going to Intermediate and Advanced classes.. 90% of our students started with no experience. 

See "Class  Desciptions"

What is Muay Thai / Kickboxing


Muay Thai

Called the science of 8 Limbs in Thailand meaning Muay Thai uses the Full  Body. 

2 hands

2 feet

2 knees

2 Legs

The Clinch

 The Muay Thai “clinch” is the number one technique that separates kickboxing from Muay Thai.  It is a close-ranged grappling system, that sets up knees, elbows and sweeps.  There is a lot of strategy and technique involved, to set up proper positioning for leverage and angles. 


 A form of martial art that combines boxing with kicking with bare feet. Different from Muay Thai in there are no elbows, Knees or the Clinch in Kickboxing, often referred to as Dutch Style Kickboxing.

Physical Conditioning

A major part of Muay Thai is the physical conditioning involved. Muay Thai arguably provides the best full body physical condition. Cardio, fat burning, endurance, strenght balance, flexibility  and strength are all benifits of Muay Thai Training and included in the classes as well as our Muay Thai conditioning class.


Why Chicago Muay Thai?


We Focus on ONE thing and do it well!

We have the most complete schedule of Muay Thai classes  in Chicago with over 30 classes per week including Muay Thai, Fitness for Muay Thai and Yoga for Muay Thai. This amount of classes is  important t when you have a busy schedule and trying to "find time".

Also, we focus only on Muay Thai. Other gyms will offeer a mixed schedule of other styles.."jacks of all trades but maser of none" 


Our Culture

Learning proper technique with professional instruction is important, but we also focus on a friendly welcoming environment . To us this is the most important. If you don't enjoy your training atmosphere, what good is it? Muay Thai is supposed to be fun!


Our Instructors

Passionate dedicated professional instructors who love Muay Thai and care about passing on their knowledge and the  art of Muay Thai.Our instructors all have fighting experience. Some with over 35 years of experience in Martial Arts and Muay Thai.

Meet Our Instructors


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Before Attending Your Class

Make sure you KNOW YOUR SCHEDULE and times available for training..Remmember "too busy a schedule means poor planning and lack of priorities." You either want to train or you don't . You have to MAKE it happen.

Please show up 10 to 15 minutes erlier so we can get you situated comfortably.

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What to Bring

Shorts and a T Shirt  are all you need. Bring a dry shirt to leave with as you will SWEAT. We will lend you gloves if needed.

You have no experience?

Thats ok !!!....90% of our students started with 0 experience. We are structured to teach you from the very beginning. Most people think they are the only ones who had no fact, its the opposite! Most trial students have NEVER trained before.

We are NOT cardio kickboxing

You will likely work even harder. We focus on teaching real technique that can maybe some day help you in a self defense situation . Some gyms have you hit a heavy bag for minutes on end with little instruction on technique. Not us..we focus on technique AND hard work .

What will you do in your class

You will start with a warm up then you will likely partner up and work on fundamental techniques, pad work, bag work and physical conditioning drills used by fighters to get them in top physical shape..

What are the prices?

We offer different membership packages . Your membership pricing depends on the package YOU choose and the discounts you take advantage of. Packages range from $116 to $179 per month depending what package YOU select.

Private Lessons or Private Group Classes



If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.Perfectfor those who cant make regular classes OR you want to work on specific goals



Private lessons let you improve specific techniques at YOUR pace


Training is tailored around your specific abilities and objectives. Everyone is different in how they learn and what they can do. 

Weight Loss

Weight loss and conditioning becomes a BY PRODUCT of training. You wont even realize your are losing weight. It just happens!

Private Group Classes

Great for parties , Team Building or corporate events, These can be Fitness or Self Defense based.

Pricing For Private Training

Cost ifor 1 on 1 s $75 per hour session. Contat us regarding special group ,party pricing  and membership pricing options.

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