Class Descriptions

Muay Thai /  Conditioning (No experience required)

A combination of basic Muay Thai training drills and cross fit. The first 30 minutes will be fundamental drills using pads, heavy bags or air dils. The second 30 minutes consists of  Muay Thai specific training and conditioning drills including light weights, body weight exercises and stretching.

Fundamentals: (No Experience Required)

For brand new beginners as well as experienced students who want to learn or perfect basic Muay Thai techniques. The class is structured with a solid curriculum that ensures a broad coverage of Muay Thai fundamentals. Basic pad holding technique is taught. This class also provides a good challenging full body cardio workout through the practice of Muay Thai technique as well as Muay Thai conditioning drills.

ALL Levels: (No experience required)

These are primarily smaller classes (weekday noon and 6pm Friday) where instructors can tailor the class around the various class levels. Fundamentals are not taught as strictly as in a fundamentals class but they are covered where applicable. Student are all exposed to different levels creating a unique learning experience. (Recommended as a supplement to Fundamentals for beginners)

Intermediate: (3 to 5 months experience recommended)

More focus on concepts of Muay Thai and more advanced Muay Thai techniques are introduced for intermediate students. Sparring drills and sparring is included in most classes. Students should be capable in pad holding techniques. A higher level of conditioning is often required as well.

Advanced (6 months minimum required)

Students are expected to be familiar with fundamentals and intermediate techniques. Advanced concepts are taught in this class with more emphasis on sparring high level padwork and advanced conditioning.

Introduction to sparring (2 to 3 months experience recommended but not required)

For beginners / Intermediate students who want to learn the principles of sparring in a safe controlled environment. Sparring drills pad holding and partner drills are used in this class. Advanced students role in this class is instructional only.

Open Gym (No experience required)

Open to train pad work, Sparring, Conditioning etc