Muay Thai

Known as the science of 8 limbs (2 hands, 2 elbows, 2 knees, 2 feet), Muay Thai (kickboxing) gives you the tools you need for either self-defense, sport or fitness. Our program is tailored to teach real Muay Thai techniques. Training included pad work, light partner contact drills and sparring for advanced levels. Many of our seasoned instructors  have trained and even fought in Thailand. All instructors have competitive fighting experience.

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I hope you are training today!!!
just in case you are feeling "tired" .here was my day in Thailand! (95 degree heat) ..
7am-8:30am Muay Thai / (Clinch sparring class)
10am-11:30am Muay Boran Class (traditional Muay Thai)
1pm -2pm Strength and conditioning circuit training
5pm-6pm Private lesson with Kru Prung / 50 minutes of Sparring with Prung...& conditioning
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Funny video of Kru Swat explaining the difference between a karate or Taekwondo kick (snap kick) and Muay thai...(straighter leg). The bottom line.."Karate kick maybe hurt a little..Muay Thai Kick hurt ALOT" ... See MoreSee Less