Kids Muay Thai / Martial Arts Classes

KIDS MUAY THAI (Self Defense) CLASSES (age 4-14yrs) 

Available in both locations…Lincoln Park and Portage Park Kids learn the fundamentals and the motor skills necessary for Muay Thai and real life self defense including how to kick punch knee and elbows but with a strong emphasis on CONTROL

Emphasis is on Muay Thai technique, but experienced instructors (black belts) from other styles such as karate, Tae Kwon Do and Jiu Jitsu will incorporate influences beyond Muay Thai giving the student a wide perspective.

Fitness conditioning and mental awareness. Self Discipline, respect and teamwork is a strong focus. Bullying issues will also be addressed on a regular basis.

Belts are not used in Muay Thai…instead …a Muay Thai arm band ranking system is used to measure student progress.