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Eight Limbs Muay Thai Podcast Round #15 Strength Coach Chris Grayson

Strength Coach and martial artist Chris Grayson talk about new trends and discoveries in Martial Arts. Also earn about Staph infections!  They are real and they are here! {and in Thailand!)

Eight Limbs Round #14 BJJ Black Belt Brick Welch

Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and Fight Of The Year Winner Brick Welch talks about his road to Black Belt and World Class competition from the age of 14 years old aquiring a black belt and competing at top levels in six years.

Eight Limbs Podcast Round #13 Chiropractor Dr. Joe Meeting

Dr. Joe Meeting talking about the benefits of Chiropractic care and Martial Arts, Nutition, Physical Therapy and other aspects

Eight Limbs Round #12 / Episode #!2

Drop in guest Charles La Rose from Vermont talking with us about Muay Thai BJJ and MMA….we also discuss the McGregor Alvarez fight in UFC 205

Eight Limbs Muay Thai Podcast- Round #11 with Strength Coach Chris Grayson

Strength Coach Chris Grayson , trainer of many athletes including high level martial artists gives his opinions on training and nutrition, supplements and performance enhancing drugs.

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Eight Limbs Muay Thai Round #10 – with Glory 27 fighter & winner Ryot Waller

Inside perspective with Ryot Waller on Fighting and winning in Glory 27 with a devastating come from behind knock out. Also talks about Muay Thai fakes, clinch work and who predicted PERFECTLY the McGregor  ? Diaz fight.

Eight Limbs Muay Thai – Round #8 Conor McGregor, UFC & Capoeira Movement-Chicago Kickboxing Club

Discussion on if Conner McGregor  will influence Muay Thai and UFC with Capoeira movement in his fighting technique

Eduardo Roman Training in Thailand Round #6

Chicago Muay Thai Kickboxing instructor Eduardo Roman talks about his 30 day training in Thailand and subsequent fight in the US.