Kids Muay Thai / Self Defense Classes (5yrs t0 12yrs)

Class Description Children ages 5yrs-12yrs will learn to grow in confidence both physically and mentally. Discipline is taught throughout in various forms of lessons. They will learn the foundation of Muay Thai, the basic kicks and punches, elbows & knees, and will be pushed at times to their limits with the encouragement of both fellow members and seasoned instructors. Kids do not spar with ANY head contact. All sparring is to the body wearing proper protective gear including gloves shin guards (and chest protectors optional). All sparring is supervised by qualified instructors.


Kids Classes (5yrs -12yrs) Tues Thurs Friday 5:15pm-6:00pm

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Kids Muay Thai / Self Defense Classes Classes

Hard Work Pays Off


Kids and adults are expected to work hard...but they key is they ENJOY IT.

Self Defense


Self Defense is a priority in todays world. More than kicking and punching. Awareness and street smarts are taught and required



Working with others is essential



Responsible training partners make the best tarining partners